In Defense of Massive Unread Book Piles

Do you have a massive to-be-read pile and yet you still find yourself buying another book when you stumble into a bookstore? The Japanese have the perfect word to describe what book lovers like us do. It’s not hoarding; it’s tsundoku. […]

Five Reasons Why Romance Novels Are Important

Here at Blvnp, we have a numerous selection of romance novels. Here are five reasons why a good romance novel is worth our while: Romance novels offer sweet moments of refuge from the everyday. When our daily hustle gets too overwhelming, […]

#HideABookDay with Mel Ryle

#HideABookDay sounds like a perfect two-way street for bookworms: one bookworm hides a book he or she loves, and another bookworm finds it and falls in love with it too. Last September 18, as part of their ten-year anniversary celebration, […]

Claire Monette