Blvnp Author Interview: Ally Williams

Ally Williams is a coffee loving student from Virginia. She discovered Wattpad at a very young age and now collectively has over eight million reads. When she’s not going to class or spending time with friends and family, she’s glued to books and writing in her free time.

She wrote The Best Friend, a beautifully written young adult romance novel about how a childhood friendship grew out of the play dates and sleepovers to days of heartbreak and self-searching. We got to know this amazing author and her book in this interview:


What got you into writing? 

Around the age of 16 I was in a bad mental state. I messed around with poetry and came to the realization that I really enjoy writing stories.

What inspires you the most? 
As cliche as it sounds, everything around inspires me. I think as a writer you can really pull that creative juice from anything.
Where did the inspiration for writing The Best Friend come from? 
There was no real back story in my life that made The Best Friend come to light. I was honestly just in the shower one day when the idea came to me, and it continued to build from there. And with my wild imagination, I went for it.
What’s the best thing about writing the book? 
One of the greatest things about writing a book is seeing it all come together. To watch the characters develop along with the storyline. You truly do feel like a proud parent.
Who is your favorite character that you’ve made so far? 
My favorite character has to be Elsie. Most don’t like her in the beginning, (or at the end) but I think she’s extremely strong and resilient.
What’s your usual writing routine? 
There hasn’t ever really been a routine for anything in my life. If I over plan something/over think it, I subconsciously ruin it. So, I just have to be in that writing mood. I turn off any distractions, open up my laptop, switch on some music and start typing away!
What’s the funniest thing a fan has ever said to you? 
Well, I wouldn’t really call this girl a fan, more so a friend who I’ve been in contact with on wattpad for a while. Amber and I ran into each other at NYC wattcon. She later told me that she was totally fangirling and I found that amusing because there isn’t anything special about me. I hope to run into her again in the future!
What’s next for Ally Williams? 
There is a lot coming up for me. If I went on a tangent and listed every single thing, there would be no surprise factor. So unfortunately, I must stay quiet for now.
Any messages to your fans?
I just want to say thank you. There won’t ever be a time where I can say that enough. I owe all of this to you, and I wouldn’t be anywhere without your support. I love you.