Blvnp Literary Mixtape

Music is the wine which inspires one to new generative processes.

—Ludwig van Beethoven

Blvnp authors, like most writers and artists, draw inspiration everywhere, including music. The Blvnp Literary Mixtape is a compilation of songs for you from our beloved Blvnp authors. This includes songs that inspired them to write and songs that their characters are listening to.

Go ahead, put on your earphones. Imagine kicking back to these tunes with your favorite Blvnp fictional character, if you like.


The Vampire’s Bride, Anna Kendra

“They’re listening to a lot of things, actually. Alina is listening to “I’m Walking on Sunshine” by Rachel Kelly as she selects dresses for a royal party. Erick is listening to classic piano tunes as he works his way through royal orders.”

Virgin Exotica, Anna Kendra

“Ethan and Akira are dancing in the rain to “Can I have this Dance” by Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron.”

One Friday Night, Miss Yvy

“Ryder and Allie [are inspired by] “The Scientist.”

Bad Girls, Aurora Yeo

“Avery would probably listen to a song like Little Mix’s “Power” and Blake’s would be Halsey’s “Eyes Closed.””

Breaking Old Habits, Melissa Bender

“Ayla is listening to The Chainsmokers. She’s into laidback, chill music. Griffin is listening to whatever Ayla has on because he has crap taste in music and goes for the more old school rock.”

Break Me, Mate, Nique Joaquin

“Elair seems to always listen to Arctic Monkeys (“Do I Wanna Know” and “Arabella”), and right now, Auden’s obsessed with Panic! at the Disco, specifically “Lying’s the Best Thing a Girl Can Do” and “This is Gospel.””

His to Claim, Ashley Michelle

“Scarlett is listening to Banks. It has just the right amount of angst, longing, and grit. Noah isn’t really one for music, but if he were, it would probably be Queens of the Stoneage.”

Faking Delinquency, Ashley Winters

“Falice’s happy vibes playlist: songs that make her and her friends smile, roll down the windows, and turn the music up.”

“Arabelle’s Own the Night playlist: songs she listens to on a night out with friends—whether in the car, out on the town, or at a party.”


What’s on your literary mixtape? What songs inspire you to write? What songs remind you of your favorite fictional characters? Feel free to let us know!

Many thanks and much love to the Blvnp authors who contributed to this blog post: Anna Kendra, Miss Yvy, Aurora Yeo, Melissa Bender, Nique Joaquin, Ashley Michelle, and Ashley Winters!