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Frequently Asked Questions

* Who Are You?
We are BLVNP.
Because you are reading this FAQ, it is likely that you were contacted by one of our editors and/or author’s publishing agents.

We are NOT a vanity Publishing company. We never ask our authors for a single dollar.

We pay our authors.

In vanity publishing the publisher does not care if your book becomes a best seller or not because they make their money from their authors.

We only make money from book sales so we market the heck out of your book. It is in our own best interest to make your books become best sellers.

* How long does my book need to be?
We are looking for novels of any length!

* Can I submit a manuscript that I am still working on?
No. Please only manuscripts that are completed.

* Can I submit more than one manuscript?

* Can I submit someone else’s material?

* I’m an agent. Should I use this to submit my client’s manuscript?
Agents must state that they are agents from the first email and who their author is.

* Can I submit if my manuscript is under consideration with another publisher?
Yes. But please be upfront with us.

* Do you accept manuscripts that have been previously published, including self-published?
Yes, we will consider work that has been previously published if the author has retained full volume rights or had full volume rights revert to them. Please provide the publication details.

* How long will you take to respond?
A few days (depends on the amount of submissions received).

* Will there be any feedback?

* Will you publish my book into print?

* Does submission guarantee publication?
No. Once submitted, our editorial team will review your manuscript to determine its salability. Once confirmed, we will contact you and you will be required to sign our standard publishing agreement before we proceed any further.

* Are you looking for fiction manuscripts only?
No, We are looking for Fiction and Non-Fiction.

* Will manuscripts be edited and copy edited before publishing?

* How much money will I make from my stories?
To be honest that question is common but actually impossible to answer. There are a LOT of factors. Your agent will discuss these with you in detail, but will but I will list a few here:

1. Number of stories you produce. When a buyer sees multiple stories by a single author, they are more likely to buy because they know that if they like the first one they will have others to read and they also feel that if an author has multiple stories, then they must be good.

BLVNP Publishing also uses a lot of cross promotions. We use our successful books to promote our new books.

2. Think of sub-genres as one of the most important things for writers like you. These can help BLVNP in marketing your book, and these can also open the doors for you to dominate a niche.

3. Cover art. BLVNP Publishing are the experts in this area. They are constantly studying and testing different cover styles which come into and fall out of fashion all the time. It is constantly changing.

4. The description of the story. There is a very advanced art to writing descriptions that sell. BLVNP Publishing hires skilled staff writers and provides over 100 hours of training to every description writer in order to get good descriptions.

The standard commission in the publishing industry is 15%. BLVNP Publishing has a higher than average success rate in promotion profitable stories and so we offer higher commissions. Your commission from BLVNP Publishing may be as high as 20% of gross sales.

* When will I get paid?
BLVNP Publishing pays every 6 months. BLVNP has a $1000 minimum pay out.

You will simply be paid every 6 months for the last 6 months sales.

If your books takes off slower, then you will be paid every time your total earnings are over $1000.

Authors can request cash advances against their earnings, which can be negotiated between them and their agents.

* Will I maintain copyrights?
You still own your story. The publishing contract gives BLVNP the right to publish your story. So in a way, we are leasing it from you which means we pay you for it but it is still under your name.

If you decide to publish with other publishers, you can do so but with another book. Even if you are working with multiple other publishers, having your book with us means you still get paid for every sale it gets.

* Does BLVNP publish Erotica?
Yes and No. BLVNP has purchased and is running an Erotica publishing company. BUT…We are running it as a separate company. If you would like more details please
contact your agent.

* Can I stay anonymous and still receive money?
Yes. BLVNP Publishing understands the need for anonymity. Many stories are published with pen names.

When you receive money, you can be listed as the author of the pen name or as a ghost writer with no pen name attached at all.

BLVNP Publishing pays by check or PayPal, whichever you prefer, and with information given by you.

* How will you promote my stories?
Much of what BLVNP Publishing does to promote stories is proprietary but we can list a few things here. BLVNP’s success rates on new books are far higher than industry standards.

One aspect that we are involved in here at BLVNP is using stories to promote other stories. This is partly covered in other questions but in the back of every story there is a promotion for another story.

BLVNP Publishing does a LOT of the following:

  • Cover Split Testing
  • Title Split Testing
  • Sales Description and Sample Testing

BLVNP Publishing builds lists of buyers in different genres and sub-genres then promotes new books to thoe lists in order to push new books up in the rankings.

BLVNP also pays for promotions to lists ranging from 100,000 to 1,000,000 book buyers.

We at BLVNP do linking campaigns to certain books in order to generate new traffic and help their sales algorithms.

BlVNP does Pay Per Click advertising.

* Why does having more stories increase the sales of each of my stories so dramatically?
BLVNP Publishing uses a lot of cross promotions. This is using one story to sell another story.
We will also use another story/ stories in our inventory to push a new author’s story at first. When we see a particularly good looking story and we will use a larger batch of our inventory to push it.

It is most efficient to use a single author’s stories to push their more popular titles into becoming best seller’s because readers learn to trust specific authors.

As you write more stories your successes will grow exponentially. This is partly because when a reader likes a story they automatically look for other stories by the same author and this cross promotion makes a huge difference in pushing stories up the best seller ranks.

* Will I be kept up to date on the status of my stories?
In terms of unit sales, you will be given a monthly commissions report plus a total commissions report every 6 months.

If your story is still in the review queue you can put in an update request with your agent and they will be able to let you know its status more quickly. You must keep in mind that the queue is variable with stories entering and exiting it all the time so it is harder to give you exact numbers regarding status on stories in the queue. BUT…

We are not a black box. Your agent can look at exactly where any book is in process at any time.

* Will I get to choose my own cover?
Yes and no. Covers will be created and is subject for your approval and then split tested, if the approved cover fails split testing then there will be revisions which again will go through the same cycle of approval and split testing.

BLVNP Publishing’s graphics department will be supplying the cover art. We will also split test several covers for a single book or story to see which one sells best. Cover art is a very significant and ongoing area of research for BLVNP Publishing.

People DO judge books by their covers.

BLVNP Publishing does make sure that the cover art matches the story. That is part of our story prep system.

One of the best ways to ensure your book gets good graphics is to write a clear, concise description. See the question above. We strive for good author relations and support your general interest in promoting their works. We are happy to comply to requests regarding covers.

We are happy to look at any cover art you wish to submit. We have had a few good sellers with author supplied cover art.

* Can I get free copies of my own book?
Yes and No. We are happy to send you out a few free copy for yourself but for larger quantities of books we basically have to charge you our cost on them. You do however get a discount for every book you order from us.

* Where is BLVNP located?
BLVNP is an international publishing company selling books in over 30 different countries. We have offices and employees in multiple countries and offices. We are a US Nevada corporation. Our mail scanning center is in Walnut California.

* How can I contact you?
If you have just read this whole FAQ straight through then you have a pretty good understanding of how it all works now. Please feel free to contact your agent or use our contact form here.

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