Five Reasons Why Romance Novels Are Important

Here at Blvnp, we have a numerous selection of romance novels. Here are five reasons why a good romance novel is worth our while:

Romance novels offer sweet moments of refuge from the everyday.

When our daily hustle gets too overwhelming, we all deserve to kick back with a good book. Romance novels can leave us refreshed and ready to tackle our next hurdle head-on.

They acknowledge the importance of physical intimacy in relationships.

Good romance novels show us how even simple gestures like a touch or an embrace draw people closer. There is also a growing number of brave romance novelists unabashedly exploring sex, overcoming taboo.

They make visible women’s sensibilities.

Romance writer and scholar Jenny Crusie writes, “Romance fiction reinforces the validity of women’s preoccupations.”

Certainly, not all women think the same or have the same interest and goals, but good romance novels realistically capture common things among women, how they tend to view and respond to the world. They celebrate femininity.

As with any kind of fiction, they provide a safe space to explore and find solutions to issues, especially those within a couple.

Author Jody Hedlund writes that a romance novel can be “a place to analyze the many issues that arise in relationships and give us the opportunity to look at some of our own issues.” It can help the reader gain insight on and work out his/her personal problems.

They are about the triumph of women.

Good romance novels show victorious women, women who get to overcome their struggles. The best of them empower women to actively define and work for their personal happy endings.

Here are some of our romance novels that you might enjoy: