#HideABookDay with Mel Ryle

#HideABookDay sounds like a perfect two-way street for bookworms: one bookworm hides a book he or she loves, and another bookworm finds it and falls in love with it too.

Last September 18, as part of their ten-year anniversary celebration, Goodreads has proclaimed it a Hide a Book Day where readers around the world could participate in hiding and finding treasures.

And the ninjas at Blvnp couldn’t help but participate! The art of hiding has been passed down through generations of ninja training.

We grabbed one of our local authors, Mel Ryle, and we went around Cebu City, Philippines, hiding her book, Meeting Mr. Mogul, in places for others to find! We primarily documented everything on Blvnp’s Instagram stories, but here are some pictures of where we were and where we hid the books!


We first stopped by one of Cebu City’s iconic landmarks: Magellan’s Cross

And we hit over a few stops in Cebu too!

We even got to donate one of her books in the Cebu Public Library! That means that even if you never grabbed a free copy, you can borrow it from the library 😉

We hope you’re one of the lucky people who finds her book! Til then, we’ve enjoyed hiding books and might be doing more of this soon! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to know when we’d do it again!