From hacking life to breaking the fourth wall to finding out what goes bump in the night, we’ve partnered up with these amazing people to create their magazines.

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Life Hacks Magazine

We at Life Hacks Magazine spend thousands of hours hunting down and testing the best life hacks for YOU.

Tips and tricks to having more TIME, having more MONEY, having a healthier body, solving more problems, with LESS effort and being happier in this crazy crackpot of a century.

So basically, this magazine is your guidebook to SECRET shortcuts!
Because life’s short, to get what you want you have to hack it!

So what are you waiting for??

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High Existence Magazine

Anyone can change their life if they break the process down into simple, manageable steps.

We firmly believe this, and this belief motivated us to create a magazine based on ACTIONABLE advice and wisdom.

Every single article in HighExistence Magazine has a section at the end that explains how the article applies to your life and provides simple, practical steps to follow to implement the teachings.

HighExistence Magazine is for the young movers and shakers who want to put a dent in the world. For the up-and-coming artists, creative types, and entrepreneurs. This magazine is going to take you by the hand and show you how to live a Higher Existence.

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Characters Magazine

We’ve created a door through the fourth wall!
Download the App and grab the interviews with your favorite book characters written by the actual authors!
Read secrets that you won’t get anywhere else about your favorite books and characters. When talking to your friends you will know secrets from the books that no one else does. 

Meet DARYNDA JONES as Charley and Reyes, ANNA TODD as Hardin and Tessa, PEPPER WINTERS as Estelle and Galloway, HUNTLEY FITZPATRICK as Samantha and Jase, and a lot more interviews with other bestselling authors and their characters!
We feature authors of New York Times, USA Today and Amazon best sellers, as well as books specially requested by the readers!
You can also discover your next favorite book in between the pages 🙂

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Beyond Science

I am curious. Are you?

There are literally thousands and thousands of very well documented, solidly known facts, artifacts, and events that simply do not fit inside of the current scientific theory. We want to know what is really out there.

We already know real breakthroughs in science come from looking at the exceptions and the things that don’t fit. Not by filing them away and sweeping them under the rug. The history of science if filled with discoveries that came from scientists and everyday people doubting the “known” scientific facts of their day.

Which is why we started Beyond Science magazine. To put together an actual research team to really dive into these mysteries for you, and start pushing humanity forward.

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Top 5s Thriller Magazine

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re not the feint of heart. You KNOW things go bump in the night when they shouldn’t, when no one else is home, when your dog starts to growl at “nothing”. And that fact drives you mad with curiosity.

You don’t scare easily though, you let your curiosity lead you all the way down the rabbit hole, no matter where it ends up.

That’s why we made this magazine, for people like YOU. 

After all, when was the last time you saw CNN or FOX news covering something INTERESTING, like the latest bigfoot sighting, a case of mass hysteria, the suicide forest in japan, or a government conspiracy exposed? We’re here to satisfy your hunger for the macabre, the unusual, for REAL LIFE STORIES that continue to defy explanation.

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Thinking about creating your own magazine app?

Here is what Martijn of HighExistence said:

“One thing I really appreciated working with Blvnp was their relentless energy to provide us value. They underpromised — then overdelivered. As is always the case, our visions were widely different when we started out. Yet, our discussions were fruitful and constructive, and I can honestly say my team and I learned a lot along the way. We ended up with an amazing product that is not only better than what we envisioned, it is also widely loved by our audience. Looking back I can see that working with Blvnp was a turning point in our company.”

– Martijn Schirp: Co-Founder of

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