New Release: All It Took Was One Look

#NewRelease All It Took Was One Look is all about acceptance, unconditional love, and embracing your sexual identity—no matter if you’re human or not. Don’t miss this one of a kind LGBT slash werewolf read! Grab your copy now

Aiden is your average seventeen-year-old senior with crazy best friends and a supportive family… unless you count the fact that he’s got a big secret to tell. Aiden is what most people would call a “closet gay,” something he believes he can’t let his school know. And the secrets don’t stop there.

Aiden goes through high school the best way he knows how—being invisible. But his perfect survival plan comes to a screeching halt when his cousin, the big bad bully himself, gets dropped off at his home to stay for a few months.

In a drop of a hat, Aiden finds himself falling straight down the rabbit hole he once managed to escape from, and the only person that can help is Liam Moore, the star quarterback, the most popular and definitely the straightest guy in school. There is NO WAY!

But what Aiden doesn’t know is that Liam has his own share of secrets. He’s trying his best to fight it, but his eyes that glow bright yellow in the most in-convenient of times betray him.

The full moon is fast approaching, and the pull gets stronger and stronger. How long will Liam and Aiden last? Is the big bad soon to be alpha wolf corrupting poor innocent little sheep? Will Aiden finally learn to stand up for himself?