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“It seems my father wasn’t the only one to make costly mistakes.”

Every decision has a corresponding consequence. However, in this case, it was a costly and deadly consequence.

At the age of sixteen, Landon became the Alpha of Shadow Pack after a battle killed his father, destroyed his pack, and cost him his eyesight. Being blind proves to be difficult for someone who should exude authority and take care of his territory. As a result, Landon has grown frustrated, cold and angry.

Escaping her abusive pack, Lana stumbles accidentally into Shadow Pack. She has heard everything about this pack. She knows about its Alpha. She knows that he’s cruel and ruthless. And she knows, for sure, that she’ll die upon stepping on the pack’s territory. However, there is one thing she is still about to discover…

Lana and Landon are mates. Yet meeting each other is just the start of their story since a pack is eyeing Lana for vengeance. Now, both of them have to make a sacrifice for the sake of their pack’s safety.

Will Landon and Lana be willing to sacrifice even if it costs themselves? And will they be able to make the right decision now? 

Read below for an excerpt from Blind Alpha:



March 8, 2010

“Father, be rational. We don’t have a chance against the Prowler Pack. We’re going to be annihilated.” I place my hands on my father’s desk, pleading for him to see reason.

His head is ducked down, avoiding eye contact, and ignoring me as he writes down war tactics. His salt and pepper hair is mussed and frantic, a sign that he hasn’t showered, let alone comb his hair in what could be days. He now has a scruffy beard resting on his face. He clenches his fists, grinding his teeth as he tries to concentrate.

Caleb Matthews is a powerful Alpha. He is wise and patient. He doesn’t think irrationally or acts upon impulses. He has been a role model towards me, and I am grateful to have him as a father. That is until my mother, his mate, was taken from us and slaughtered. Now, all that is on his mind is revenge, and it is clouding his reason. He is arranging a battle that we will not win. The Shadow Pack will die off tonight if he follows through with this.

Natalie, my little sister, is only seven years old. She has her whole life ahead of her. She is yet to see the beauty of finding her mate. She still has all her homecoming dances and prom. This wasn’t how her life is supposed to unfold. She is far too innocent and kind to meet such a tragic end.

“Inform Cole that we strike in an hour.” His voice is coarse, dry from the lack of nourishment. Having a weak Alpha only lessens our odds of winning.

“Father, please,” I beg, dipping my head down so he can look into my eyes and see the reason I hold for the both of us.

“Now, Landon!” he snarls, head snapping up to give me a cold glare.

I square my shoulders and straighten my spine. I nod my head and turn to walk out of his office. Once the door is closed, I sprint up into Natalie’s room.

I open the door to find her sitting on her bed, applying nail polish to her toes. Her head rises slowly, and tears instantly begin to gather. “No.” She shakes her head.

I grab her from under the arm and lift her to her feet. “You are to leave with Tasha and her daughter. You will hide out in the cabin. You will not leave the cabin until I come get you, understood?”

Tears roll down her rosy cheeks as she nods her head. “What if you don’t come back?” she whimpers.

“Then you are going to live a very happy life with Tasha and Sarah.” I don’t wait for Natalie to protest or ask another question. I squat to place a soft kiss on her forehead and give her a tight hug. I then stand to my feet and allow Tasha, Cole’s Mate, to gather Natalie in her arms and exit the room in haste. I follow Natalie with my eyes until she is out of sight.

She deserves a long, happy life.

Cole, we strike in fifty, I tell my father’s Beta. He doesn’t respond, but I can feel his anger.

I exit the Pack House to see my best friend, Mason. He would have been my Beta if things were different. In two years’ time, I’d be given the Alpha position, and he would be my right-hand man. Now, our futures and our lives end tonight.

Mason gives me a pat on the shoulder and offers me a smile. “We always said we’d go down swinging.”

“Yeah, but I imagined us older, with mates and children to carry on our legacy. Not like this. Not so blindly and irrationally.” I cross my arms, waiting for my father to finish in his office, waiting for my doom. Everyone’s doom… besides Mason’s. “Can you do something for me?”

Mason arches his right brow in question. “Anything.”

“When it starts to turn ugly… when the Shadow Pack starts to go down, I want you to go to the cabin. Natalie, your sister, and your mother will be there. I want you to take them far away. Make sure Natalie lives a long and happy life.”


“Mason, I am asking you this not as your Alpha but as your friend. At least, one of us deserves to live through this.”

Caleb Matthews decides then to join his pack. He steps onto the yard, and all the warriors shift into their wolves. I give Mason a look, and with a nod, I happily shift into my wolf.

No more words were said. There was nothing to say. It would all just fade in time, and no one would be alive to remember. With Caleb’s transition into his wolf, we take off to the Prowler Pack.

The Prowler Pack is located a few miles north of the Shadow pack. We reach the territory within ten minutes. I come to position at the left of my father as Cole is at his right. Mason comes up on the other side of me, and I give him one last look. He nods at me one more time before my father lowers and wiggles his shoulders as if to pounce on a stag.

With a low growl, he charges forward to take down a Prowler on patrol. With that one kill, the whole pack has been alerted that we arrived. Another poor mistake made by my father. I shake my head. No going back now.

Prowler wolves soon outnumber us, and as we do well to fight them off, they soon overpower us. I watch as the Shadow’s number dwindle. Now, Mason!

My friend shoves off a wolf and takes off towards my sister. I let out a growl as the wolf he was fighting follows him along with two others. He won’t be able to fight them off. I cast one last look at my father and shoot a message to Cole. Grab as many men as you can. Retreat. Even though I wasn’t Cole’s Alpha, he obeys my command. My father is lost, both figuratively and literally.

I chase after the three wolves following Mason. I can’t allow them to get to my sister. No matter what, she will live.

I tackle a gray wolf to the ground, and we tumble, rolling. Twigs and rocks scrape at my sides, causing nothing but an annoyance. I snarl at the Prowler wolf, advancing on him. I pin him easily, chewing into his neck as I hear Mason say, I’m here. I managed to kill the wolf following me. Natalie is safe.

I was too consumed with joy at the news to put together what my Beta said. I should have been able to see the remaining wolf blindside me. I should have been able to counter his attack. Instead, I am the one who is pinned with a fatal slash across my face.

It seems my father wasn’t the only one to make costly mistakes.

Chapter 1


February 15, 2014

February 15. It’s my birthday. I’m finally eighteen, and all I can think about is how I am finally able to leave this awful pack. At the age of eighteen, female wolves are able to sense their mates, and I intend to find mine. And when I do, Alpha Castor Vang will have no claim on me. He will no longer be able to touch or hit me. I will be free, and I will be safe.

I pack my bags. Everyone is asleep. Castor is too wrapped up in the she-wolf in his bed to be paying attention to the stirring on the first floor. My father is a deep sleeper. He wouldn’t even wake during an earthquake. I will not miss him or my mother. They don’t deserve a second thought. They have allowed Alpha Castor to beat me. That’s the price of being an Omega, I guess.

I grab an apple from the kitchen table and put it in my bag before I exit the house in haste. I get to the edge of the Cossitt Pack territory where my brother pulls me into a hug.

“Be careful,” he whispers. Trent volunteered to take up patrol tonight so I could flee. He had always looked out for me, and this has been a day we’ve been looking forward to for a long time. “Never come back.”

Even after years of begging, Trent still refuses to join me. He felt it was his duty to protect all the other victims of Castor’s rage. After losing his wife and daughter, Alpha Castor turned brutal and abusive. Trent has always been the hero.

With my bag over my shoulder, I morph into my muddy brown wolf. I am not the most beautiful wolf, that much is certain. Being an Omega, my wolf is small, and my fur coat is a less than admirable color. However, being small does grant me the skill of being sly and quick.

I run from my old home without a glance back. I run until I no longer can.

Days pass, all I do is run. I occasionally stop to catch food or take a quick rest. But my breaks never last more than twenty minutes. If I don’t keep running, I risk Castor catching up with me, and I can’t allow that to happen.

It is only when starvation and exhaustion get the best of me that I make the mistake of stepping onto the Shadow Pack’s land. I know of this pack. Their story is sad, gut-wrenching.

Alpha Caleb Matthews lost his mate, and in a blind rage, he took his pack to their death. He lost most of his warriors. If it weren’t for his Beta, there wouldn’t be a Shadow Pack anymore. Cole took a group of warriors and fled the fight. They returned to the women and children and were able to replenish the Shadow Pack.

That isn’t the sad part, however. Alpha Landon Matthews, Caleb’s son, was brutally wounded. He left the fight with his life but not his sight. His loss turned him cold, vicious. He didn’t care for anyone.

That’s why I knew I was royally screwed when two wolves stepped into my path. They look at me with mournful expressions. They know my fate as do I.

They shift to their human forms, and I bow my head to avoid eye contact with their nudity. I then hide behind a tree to shift and reach into my bag to pull on a simple sundress. I look at my muddy feet, frowning as I try to tame my wild hair.

I, at least, deserve to die looking my best.

“Come.” I hear a low voice. I walk over to see two men, one with shaggy blond hair and the other with buzzed brown hair. They are both dressed in black track pants, leaving their chest exposed to the warm sun. There is no mistaking their strength. They can easily snap me in half.

They take position at my sides, walking me to the pack house. My stomach churns with my pending doom. I am going to die. I left one awful situation to enter another.

The pack house is fairly larger than the Cossitt Pack’s. I can sense the distress that takes place on this property. They still haven’t recovered from the massacre. It’s been four years. I guess no one would be able to recover from the loss of a loved one.

Blondie opens the door for me, and I step into the back entrance of the house. I take in the newly installed kitchen, the nicely furnished living room, and the grand staircase that leads upstairs. Shoulders nudge me, and I continue onward until we are in front of oak French doors.

Blondie knocks. “Landon, we found a trespasser.”

I grimace at the name. Yes, I did trespass, technically. But I was running for my life… Doesn’t that count for anything?


The buzzed boy grabs the doors and pulls them open, nodding for me to go in.

“I got it from here, Zane,” Blondie says, grabbing my bicep roughly. I hiss at the pain, glaring at him. Zane leaves while I am dragged into the office.

The office is large with wooden floors and two rustic orange walls. One wall has floor-to-ceiling windows while the other has a built-in bookshelf. The office has a tray ceiling with an elegant five-arm chandelier that has a bronze finish. There is a rolled arm bench with a warm brown wood finish and is topped with a comfortable cream cushion that is placed in front of one set of the windows. There is a large, orange and red Persian rug underneath his wooden desk with two chairs that match the bench in front of it. And then, there is the man in the large brown leather chair.

I see Alpha Landon sitting at his desk, his head bowed down as he rests it in his hands.

“You know the protocol. Kill the rogue.” Landon’s voice is monotone, uncaring. He is willing to murder me off so easily. He doesn’t even know who I am or what I’ve been through! “Why trouble me with this, Mason?”

“I’m not one to kill an innocent girl, Landon.”

The Alpha lifts his head, almost as if he was trying to get a look at me. And when he does, I gasp.

Not because of the scars that adorn his beautiful face or the way that his eyes are fogged. I don’t gasp because I am horrified of this man in front of me. I gasp because as I look into his hazy eyes, I know only one thing. He is my mate. I have found him, and I can’t explain how incredibly happy it makes me feel. I have accomplished what it was I sought out to do.

Landon growls and snatches up his black Aviator sunglasses, covering his eyes.

“No!” I don’t stop from crying out. I don’t want him to hide from me, not ever. He’s beautiful.

Landon holds the features of a pure god. His skin is perfectly sun-kissed to create a bronze tan. His shoulders are broad with strength and power. His jaw line is sharp, yet his cheeks are smooth. His brown wavy locks rest carefully on his head, a simple curl falling onto his forehead. I want nothing more than to run my fingers through his hair. I can tell through the haze of his eyes that they used to be a soft blue.

Mason tightens his grip on me, and I let out a cry.

“Ow!” I glare at him, waiting for Landon to lash out at Mason for laying a hand on his mate. That never happens, however. I look at Landon to see him glaring in my direction. “You’re going to let him hurt me?” I am completely shocked. After all, I’ve heard mates are very protective and would never let any harm come to them.

“Why should I care if he hurts you?” he snarls, getting to his feet.

My wolf purrs with delight as I take in his sculpted body. The t-shirt he wears does a fabulous job at showing off his slim torso and every indent of his abs.

I gasp at what he says. Why should he care? Does that mean… “You reject me?” I see Landon’s shoulders go rigid.

“Reject you?”

“Reject our mating. I’ve heard it happen before but—”

“Enough! I don’t know who you think you are, but you are not my mate. I would know if you were! Since Mason has a soft spot for women, I will give you the rank of Omega, and you will work with the pack. Stay out of my way, and there will be no trouble. Got it?” he snaps. My eyes widen at what he says.

How can he not feel what I feel? It is so strong, so powerful. I know he’s my mate. There is no mistaking it. I’d give my life for this man. So why doesn’t he see me as I see him?

See… See. He can’t see me! He can’t see me, he can’t look into my soul. Our souls can’t connect. No. That’s not possible. How am I to prove to him that I am his mate?

Would a simple touch prove to him? Or would it have to be something more personal than that?

Tears roll down my cheeks as Mason takes me away from my newly found mate.

No matter what it takes, I will prove to him that what I say is true. I will take away his pain and show him what it is to love again. I promise you this, my mate.


Chapter 2


February 18, 2014

Blondie, or Mason, leads me down a hallway in the west wing of the pack house, opposite of where my mate will be sleeping. I am accustomed to this, however. I have lived in the Omega quarters all my life. The rooms are typically small, adorned with a bed, dresser, and closet. There was nothing else we needed, only clothes on our backs and a bed to sleep in.

However, when Blondie opens the door to the room I believe will be mine, I stare in awe. Instead of white, plain walls, they are decorated with elegant silver wallpaper that is accented with thin golden swirls. The bed is a small twin bed, yet it has plush pillows and a thick blue comforter. The dresser seems brand new, stained white to go with the room. It looked like the closet was a walk-in, I’m not sure… I’ve never even seen a walk-in closet before. Lastly, there is a desk. My heart swells at the sight of a desk. I always find a peaceful escape when the pen touches paper.

I know how lame I sound. The room is mediocre compared to the Alpha suite. But to me, this room is a taste of heaven compared to my old room.

“This will be your room,” Blondie says. I look over at him, wondering who he was. His voice is kind, soft. He has a gentleness in his eyes. I believe that if it were up to him, he’d let me go. I can tell by how uncomfortable he looks. “Alpha wants to know your name.”

Alpha Landon, my mate, he wants to know my name. I’ll give him anything he wants. “Lana Marie Pierce,” I answer. Blondie nods, and we’re silent for a moment. I watch as his eyes slip out of focus as he communicates with his Alpha.

“You are to be up at five. You will be in the kitchen at five fifteen. You will report to Meggy.” With that, Blondie turns and walks away, leaving me standing in the middle of the hall.


I sling my bag over my shoulder and look around, wondering who the Omegas were for this pack. Were they weaklings? Or maybe criminals…

A door to my right opens, and I see a girl around my age pop her head out. Her fiery red curly hair falls into her eyes as she grins and steps out. “Hello, Lana. I’m Jenny! Welcome to Shadow Pack.” She slips past me and walks into my room. I follow in after her, crossing my arms as she takes a seat on my bed. “Must be scary for you… Being captured and thrown into a new pack.”

I don’t respond. I only stare at her, wondering what she was doing in my room and why.

“Look, it’s a smart idea to make friends quickly. Mason asked me to help you with anything you need,” Jenny says, giving the bed a good bounce before getting to her feet. “So, why were you on the run? Crazy ex-boyfriend? Psychotic serial killer?”

“Abusive Alpha,” I admit. I had nothing to hide from her. If what she says is true, then I will be here for a long time. And it’s best to make friends. Might as well tell the truth. “He wasn’t always so bad, you know. We used to be happy. I was an Omega back then as well, but I was still happy. My brother was a pack warrior. He would always come home at night and tell me about his day. We would then go into our parents’ room. We would play cards, watch movies, or simply just read.” I sit on my bed, noting how comfortable it is beneath me. Why is this room so high class compared to my old one?

“Alpha Castor’s mate went into labor. They were going to have a baby girl. The mom and daughter both died in childbirth, and Castor went off the rails. He began beating all the women, raping them. It was crazed madness. He finally eased up, slipping into a cocoon. He took a special liking to me, however. No, he didn’t enjoy raping me. He enjoyed hitting me.”

“Sick bastard,” I hear Jenny mumble. A small smile plays on my lips at that.

“Anyway, long story short, my parents never tried to stop him, so I took matters into my own hands. When I turned eighteen, I fled and stumbled across the Shadow Pack… Were you here during the—” I cut off, not sure if bringing up the suicide mission would trouble her.

Jenny nods, walking over to take a seat next to me. “I was fourteen. We were placed in the cells below the Pack House. The women and children, that is. Alpha Landon sent his little sister Natalie with Tasha, our female Beta, and her daughter Sarah to a cabin in the woods. Landon was always so good with his sister especially after his mother died. Anyway, when the fight was looking down for us, Landon gave an order for Cole to gather as many men and flee. It is because of Landon that we are a pack again.”

I feel my eyes widen at this. It was told that Cole fled on his own, that it is because of him that this pack was able to reform. I guess the stories were told so that we have the mindset that Landon is a monster.

“How did their mother die?” I ask. I knew the basics. She was taken by the Prowler Pack and murdered. But why?

“The Prowlers asked for a treaty, an alliance. Alpha Caleb refused, and the pack retaliated. They attacked Amy Matthews when she was out in the woods. They murdered her guards and took her back to the Prowler pack. There they raped, beat, and eventually killed her. The worst part is they videotaped it, all of it. And they sent the video along with the body to Caleb’s front door.”

My mouth is wide with horror. All of this because of a refusal of a stupid alliance? It made me sick to think those monsters did that to my mate. He deserves so much better.

I debated on telling Jenny my secret—that the Alpha is my mate and that he doesn’t know. But as I see her watery eyes, I know the only thing I should do is wrap an arm around her shoulder.



As Mason escorts the rogue out of my office, I get a nagging feeling in my heart. I dismiss it, convincing myself that it is only my disgust for outsiders.

She had the audacity to gasp at my face. Doesn’t she know that offending an Alpha can get her killed? And then she spoke without permission. I’m not sure who she thinks she is, but I will not have that in my pack. She will work as an Omega, punishment for her bluntness and intrusion. Mason is soft when it comes to women. If it weren’t for him, she’d be in the cells or, perhaps, killed.

I shake my head and move to walk back to my seat, bumping into the corner of the desk. I let out a loud hiss as the sharp edge breaks skin. “Damn it!” I scream, slamming a fist down on the table. It rumbles under the impact, threatening to break. I let out a growl and plop down in my seat, dropping my head in my hands.

Four long years and there has barely been any progress. I have no sense of where I am. It is hard when my wolf has abandoned me. After the attack and losing my sight, my wolf retreated into the darkest parts of my soul. I haven’t been able to shift since that night. Now, I am weak and clumsy.

I heard the only way to get your wolf back is to find your mate. When you find her, the wolf will resurface for we gain power when we are together.

So, when the rogue said she was my mate, despite the flutter of hope, I knew she was wrong. My wolf would have made an appearance. He would have come back to me, but instead, that is not the case. I am yet again left mateless.

Mason, what is the rogue’s name? I grumble. I need to know, to jot her down in our registry. I grasp the paper to my left, my thumb running over the Braille on the bottom indicating it was the list of pack members. I run my hand down, feeling the indents of all the handwritten names. When they end, I bring my pen up to write, Lana Marie Pierce.

My stomach churns as I write her name, but I ignore the feeling, dropping the pen down.

Why can’t the Moon Goddess grant me some sort of happiness? Haven’t I suffered enough? What more do I need to do until I can have my beautiful mate? A mate I will never be able to see…

I feel tears roll down my cheeks as I cry for my family. I cry for my murdered mother, my mad, deceased father, my struggling sister. I cry for my mate who, if she ever comes, will have to deal with a monster and abomination like me.

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