Reading Is A Brain-Boosting Activity

Here in Blvnp, we believe in the power of books to change people. Did you know that reading can, quite literally, change your brain?

It helps strengthen neural communication.

A 2009 study by Timothy Keller and Marcel Just from Carnegie Mellon University shows that through a rigorous reading practice, children’s brains can rewire themselves. Reading helps increase the production of white matter, which facilitates neural communication.

It lengthens your attention span.

Good novels compel us to sit and take our time processing the narrative and relishing the details of the story. Book lovers know the power of a book to hold us down for hours, immersed in a world outside our own, removing outside distractions. This practice helps the brain get accustomed to training its focus on a singular task.


It improves your memories.

Reading is a workout for the brain. Similar to physical exercise wherein certain muscles are used repetitively to strengthen them, reading keeps your memory “in shape.” One of The Haskins Laboratories for the Science of the Spoken and Written Word’s research looks at how the use of several brain functions involved in reading affects memory capacity.

Now you have more reasons to sit down with another book! Take a look at our releases and give your brain another workout.